Administration Systems

We are small business professionals with extensive hands-on experience in administration systems that work. We have earned a solid reputation for designing and implementing user-friendly processes to improve efficiency,  profitability and cash flow.

Before developing any system we identify administrative requirements in accordance with your organisational budgets and objectives. That is, we want to know the purpose of the activities undertaken and what controls are currently in place. We then work with you to design the most appropriate procedures and policies to govern your business operations.

A good Administrative System will comprise of efficient, goal oriented controls designed to either detect, protect or correct organisational threats. Our goal is to identify internal risk and strengthen key areas to improve the overall health of your business.

  • Payroll. Ensure compliance with compulsory employer obligations.
  • Accounts Payable. Improve cash flow management and buying decisions.
  • Accounts Receivable. Reduce turnaround times and increase cash flow.
  • Purchasing. Ensure proper authorisation, allocation and cost control.
  • Inventory. Control stock levels, reduce obsolesce and increase buying power.
  • Asset Management. Control tools and stock distribution to staff.
  • Time-sheets. Control hourly labour expenses & improve customer satisfaction.

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