What is an Administrative Control System & why are they so important?

By definition, “an Administrative Control System is a set of procedures designed and implemented for efficient and commercial business operations which aim to ensure full and timely implementation of management’s policies and plans”.

They can include anything from the way you requisition supplies, to the way you schedule the use of assets, assign jobs or manage inventory. Quite literally, there is no limit to what can be labelled an “administration system” within the scope of normal business operations.

There are two common difficulties surrounding Administration Controls Systems in Small Business. The first is being able to recognise areas where there is a need for a greater control, and the second is recognising when existing controls are inefficient or flawed.

Poor controls within any size organisation pose significant threats including wasteful and inefficient use of resources, processing errors, reduced profitability, lack of regulatory compliance and theft or misappropriation of assets by employees. And, unfortunately for many business owners, the need for better administrative procedures is usually a reactive measure to unnecessary loss rather than a preventative one.

ABA work with you to understanding your business needs. We design and implement effective policies and procedures to reduce risk in your business quickly and cost-effectively.

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