Tax Tank

Taking the hassle out of tax – Coming soon!


Stress less & get more. Put it in your TaxTank.

TaxTank handles the complexities of tax to simplify your life and maximise returns.

ABA has integrated the latest technology with industry expertise to delivering a super simple, user-
friendly tax management tool that simplifies your life and saves you money.


Better still, TaxTank streamlines information sharing, meaning our team can efficiently meet individual needs to deliver a relevant, customised and premium level of service at less cost to you.

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Work Tank:

  • Quick and easy tracking of work related income and expenses.
  • Built in electronic vehicle logbooks and home office diary.
  • Your logbook percentage filters through to all vehicle expenses saving you time.
  • Simply track dividends, bank interest, pensions, government payments and more to calculate your tax position throughout the year.

Property Tank:

  • Simply manage your investment property purchases, sales, borrowing costs and capital expenses.
  • Track income and expenses against each individual property, including depreciation.
  • Split property ownership across multiple user files (ie. no double entry).
  • Easy reporting and record keeping.
  • Monitor your tax position all year round.

Business Tank:

  • Manage income and expenses with inbuilt invoicing and purchase order functionality.
  • Track vehicle and equipment purchases and depreciation.
  • Easy record keeping.
  • Monitor your business performance and tax position with simple to understand reporting.
  • Monitor the tax position of all combined tanks so there are no surprises at the end of the year!

Secure & Simple

  • Simply record your income and expenses, add notes and attach documents.
  • Your data is securely stored and nothing is lost.
  • Categorised recording helps you keep track of important paperwork.
  • Quick and easy access to past years information (secure archive system).
  • Documents such as logbooks are simplified with interactive templates.
  • Hosted on the Amazon platform, so you enjoy a fast, secure, and safe experience.

Maximum Returns & Cost-effective Solutions

  • TaxTank simplifies our job, so you get competitive fixed prices on your Tax Returns.
  • You get every deduction you’re entitled to.
  • Your maximum legal refund is guaranteed.
  • With TaxTank document storage system, there’s absolutely no risk of ATO fines for lost paperwork.
  • … So you stress less and save more money.

Fast & Accurate

  • Amazon hosting and TaxTank technology ensures fast & accurate returns.
  • Historic search and roll-forward functions save time.
  • Get real-time Taxable Income calculations all year round for one, two or all of the Tanks.
  • ABA’s services are more efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

User Friendly & Personalised

  • TaxTank asks the right questions, so you record the right information.
  • Interactive forms create a fully-customisable, interactive experience.
  • Real time reporting keeps you in control of your taxable position.
  • The ABA team can focus on providing personalised customer service.
  • TaxTank will continue to evolve, with the addition of more tools and functions.

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