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Downloadable Checklists & Logbooks

Use our tax checklists and financial calculators to help you keep track of expenses and prepare for your tax return.

Download ABA Tax resources to help calculate expense claims, work uniform expenses, car logbooks, rental schedules and more.

These documents are here to help you save time and money by ensuring your tax return is not only accurate, but exhausts all possible deductions for the maximum possible refund.


Manage your paperwork like a pro with Tax Tank!

ABA has integrated the latest technology with industry expertise to delivering a super simple, user-
friendly tax management tool that simplifies your life and saves you money.

Small Business Tax Checklist

If your a Sole-Trader, Company, Trust or Partnership than this Tax Checklist is for you! Simply tick & locate the items relevant to you so nothing is missed.

Individual Tax Check List (Basic)

If you earn a wage or salary, receive allowances or have investments then this tax checklist is for you!

Individual Tax Check List (Complex)

If your income is a little more complicated, you’ve had CGT events or receive distributions from trusts, partnerships or foreign sources then this checklist is more for you!

Vehicle Logbook Template (Excel)

Simply enter your trip details and purpose over a 12 week period. This template automatically calculates the distance & business use percentage. A logbook is valid for 5 years but you can complete a new logbook at anytime.

Travel Diary Template

The ATO requires that an employee must keep a travel diary whenever the travel is for a period of more than five consecutive nights. A daily record of each business activity undertaken during the travel must be recorded in the diary.

Financial Calculators, planners & more.

ABA Tax have picked some of the best financial calculators on the ASIC Money Smart website to help you reach your financial goals quicker.

Saving Goals Calculator

how to reach your savings goals and how long will it take to get there.

Money Health Check

Assess your financial health and get personalised tips for improving it.

Budget Planner

see where your money is going and how you can save.

Mortgage Health Check

check how well you’re coping with your mortgage.

More tools & Calculators

From budget planners, loans and credit calculators to super an investment tools, the ASIC Money Smart website is a great resource to explore. For a list of all calculators and apps visit ASIC’s Money Smart Calculators & Apps.

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Tax Tools

Check out our downloadable checklists, logbooks and calculators to help you manage expense claims, work uniform expenses, car logbooks, rental schedules and more.